Bluetooth headphones + Spotify/Audio

Hi, I’m not sure if this is a problem of the bluetooth headphones connection or Spotify, but sometimes the phone doesn’t wanna use the bluetooth headphones as audio source. The headphones connect, but when I play music, it goes out through the fairphones speakers. Normally it is ok, but especially when I disconnect and reconnect within short periods of time it stops working.

It sometimes works turning bluetooth on and off, close all apps and try to reconnect, but it’s very annoying. Does anyone know how this problem might arise and if there is something someone can do about it?


I have had the same problems with any BT audio source. On my old iPod, on my laptop, also on my Fairphone. It’s not related to Spotify in my case, I don’t use this service. Solution was the same as in your case.

I have the vague idea that it might have to do with other devices interfering. Its definitely worse when another laptop is using BT as well, and I am under the impression that the number of currently active WiFis also detrimental to my BT connectivity.

Specifically on the FP, I noticed that some apps get confused by other apps. Example: MX media player always starts to playback using the speaker (even if it had been on pause before!) after a call is ended, or a notification sound is player. Annoys me to no end. It breaks the BT connectivity, but has the same behaviour when I used earphones. Unplugging them causes pausing, any notification/call starts output on speakers. :frowning:

(My BT headset is now defunct, sadly. And no spare parts available. Meh.)

Possibly this is linked to the Bluetooth issues, hopefully due to be address in the next update (v1.8)