Bluetooth Headphones is not recognized

I have a TaoTronic TT-BH07 Bluetooth headset which works with the Fairphone 3 but not with the Fairphone 4.
It is not recognized at all.
The Fairphone 4 is the one I use daily.
The system is Android 12 with last update from 5 April 23.
Does anyone have an idea what it can be and how I can solve the problem?
Am grateful for any hints.
Thanks in advance.

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Does the pairing mode work in general? Or to put it another way, has it been working fine on the FP3 because you didn’t have to pair it in a while?

If you completely remove it from your BT devices on the FP3 and re-pair it, does it connect again (to the FP3)? :thinking:

According to the description on their website it uses aptx, so it might also be related to the Bluetooth issues introduced in a previous update

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Thank you for the quick answer.
I found how to connect it, so the first issue it’s resolved.
I’ve forgotten that I have to push a button on the headphone :slight_smile:
Now i have the problem with " No Sound".
As you said, the audio is a “aptX HD” .
I found this :
QAUOTE: … I changed the aptX profile to no and since then it works, afaik…
Can you tell me where I do that or there is a workflow for this issue?
I will check the links anyway.

After 10 minute reading and try I found the solution: in the “Developer Option” i deactivated the “HD Audio” and now it’s working.
Thanks for the help and the links.


Should there be any need for further follow-up plese do so in the other topic linked above. I will close here to avoid duplication especially of the audio bug