Bluetooth ear bud connection problem FP3

I bought the SONY WF-1000XM3 bluetooth ear buds but they don’t work as I hoped. I tried them on another phone (no problem) and I tried another bluetooth headphone on my FP3 and that gave the same issue: when moving (walking, biking) and having the phone in the pocket of my pants the connection gets interrupted every now and then. Pairing is not the problem, it’s the audio signal getting lost; sometimes for the fraction of a second, sometimes for some seconds. When I stand still the problem doesn’t occur and when the phone is in the pocket of my jacket (chest height, closer to the ear buds) the problem doesn’t occur either.

So it seems to be a connection issue that arises when the phone is “too far” away from the buds (but not really far, right?) and in “movement” (but not a lot of movement, I’m only walking, not running for instance).

Does anyone else have this issue, or know how to resolve it? Or is there a way to check if my diagnosis is correct, or another topic that addresses this?

Thanks in advance!

No such issue though I have with other devices. The 2.4GHz frequency used can easily be interrupted/attenuated by close proximity of an absorber, like the thigh or the butt.

You can try to reduce use of other 2.4GHz signals which can also cause interference. WiFi on 2.4GHz and some network channels. Difficult.

You may like to try and arm pocket or pouch.

Close proximity of an absorber sounds plausible, will try to put it in other pockets.
And for the 2.4GHz signal issue; could it help to turn off the phone’s wifi when using the bluetooth ear buds?

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I don’t think so, but you can try it of course and tell us, whether it helps.

My experience with interference is with an 8" Windows tablet from some 4 years old now. If I connect to the only wifi option 2.4GHz I cannot then connect to bluetooth most often. I have to disable wifi, connect bluetooth and then re-enable wifi.

The 2.4GHz wifi is much stronger than the 2.4GHz bluetooth, but once the bluetooth is connected it seems quite reasonable, but better with no wifi.

On my phone I use wifi 5GHz as the 2.4GHz does have some impact on other 2.GHz uses. Some older equipment only have 2.4 so there’s no choice there.

With the FP3 > Settings > Network and Internet > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi preferences > Advanced > Wi-Fi frequency band … you can select 5Ghz only … which may limit some options to connect if there is only 2.4Ghz wifi available ~ pretty rare noadays.

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