Bluetooth car connect/disconnect plays noisy jingle

Hi, my phone plays a noisy jingle on each bluetooth car connect and disconnect. This happens on Skoda and Mercedes, so it’s probably not car specific. It didn’t happen with my former phone (which was an LG) and it doesn’t happen with non-car bluetooth devices. Is this Fairphone specific? Could this be an app? (Android Auto isn’t installed.) How can I disable the jingle?

Which OS are you running? If it’s the standard FPOS then AA is installed automatically, though it can be disabled (but not uninstalled).

Please go to Settings > About phone > Build number and post back here with the value.

If the jingle were coming from AA then you could go to
Settings > Apps > See all [n] apps > Android Auto > Notifications > Connection status > Silent

I disabled Android Auto Connection status, all Android Auto Notifications, and even disabled & stopped Android Auto itself: doesn’t change anything.

The OS build number is FP4.SP25.B.058.20230318.

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