Bluetooth breaks FM radio

Hi guys,

I have trouble using the FM radio app and Bluetooth simultaneously. Separately, they work pretty well.
If I connect my Fairphone 2 via Bluetooth to a speaker while FM radio is on, the app will immediately crash and it will not be possible to start it again, even after turning Bluetooth off.
If I start the FM radio app while the phone is connected to a Bluetooth speaker, it will hang forever.

Does anyone experience the same issue?

Thanks for your feedback!

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I also noticed this behaviour of a crashing FM radio app when audio is output via Bluetooth. You have to reboot your phone to get your FM radio app back working. I cannot test now if the current Fairphone OS has still this bug.

Not very good workaround: Wavesink with an USB stick. Should work with Bluetooth, but is unhandy, expensive and battery-consuming.

If I don’t forget it, I will later test if the FM radio still crashes and the Wavesink workaround works.

Thanks Tobias for your feedback! Glad to see I am not the only one experiencing this issue.
FWIW I run Fairphone OS 19.02.1, which should be the latest release.

I tested it now (with current FP OS 19.02.1):

  • Bluetooth + FM radio via built-in app = app crashes, reboot needed
  • Bluetooth + streaming via VLC: works
  • Bluetooth + streaming via Firefox: works
  • Bluetooth + USB stick + FM radio via Wavesink: works
  • Bluetooth + USB stick + FM radio via RF Analyzer: works

How is this done? Using the FM radio app with the internal speaker only??
I am a bit confused here.
Generally as I know it there needs to be a form of wired headphone connected to the audio jack. Actually any kind of cable plugged into the jack would do as the cable is used as an antenna. Without this the app simply refuses to do anything.
It seems to be a more recent problem introduced with a later OS.

With Lollipop doing what you have described above simply works flawless with my bluetooth headset.

What I mean is that Bluetooth works well with other apps, and the FM radio app works well without Bluetooth. Obviously, a wired headset is needed anyway for the radio.

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You’re not alone. I never turn Bluetooth off, so I thought the stock FM Radio app was just permanently broken. But indeed it starts working if I turn Bluetooth off!

Should this be filed in a bug tracker somewhere?

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Yes, indeed:
Feel free to upvote!

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