Bluetooth behaviour issues

Hi! I’ve been owning a faiephone 5 for about two weeks now, and I’ve come across a weird Bluetooth behaviour issue.
I often connect to my speakers and play something quiet to fall asleep.
This means, that he phone is playing youtube, and eventually the video ends, and the phone goes to sleep, while being connected to BT.

In the morning, I have experienced two different kids of behaviours.

Either, the screen refuses to turn on. This gives the impression that the phone is powered down, and it’s battery is dead. And no combination of button presses seem to be able to wake the phone. Long pressing the power button activates Google assistant, and I could hear it beep as it activated off screen. Which confirms that the phone is powered on and functional.
The solution I found to this, is me going and cutting the Bluetooth connection through the wireless speaker. Which magically makes the phone wake as normal, when I press the power button.

The second, less intrusive behaviour I found, is that the phone just simply refuses to transmit audio through Bluetooth, after a similar scenario of being connected for an entire night, but noting was actively playing.
What’s annoying about this, is that a simple turning Bluetooth off and on again, and reconnecting doesn’t consistently fix the issue.

I hope it can be looked into.

I guess the best way to have someone looking into it is to report this to the Fairphone support. This forum is a community forum, so you might get feedback from other users if they have experienced that behavior, too, but users won’t be able to fix it in the stock OS.


You can change the behaviour of the power button.
Go to the app Settings
Go to System
Go to Gestures
Tap on Press & Hold power button to see the options

I have noticed an unresponsive screen occasionally, though not been able to consistently reproduce this issue. However, it gets way less intrusive if you change the function of the power button to power menu, I think.

That’s not the core of my issue though. I was just trying to say, that despite the screen being off and unresponsive, underneath the phone was awake and working.
Google assistant doesn’t activate from a long press, if the phone isn’t unlocked.
That’s what’s weird about this.

I’ve had similar a bug two times since buying the new fairphone about 6 weeks ago. Audio would not play on internal speaker as well as blueetooth headphone(it was playing, but you could’nt hear anything). only on a different bluetooth speaker I was able to hear the things i played. turning bluetooth on and off didnt help, only restarting the phone.

I’m having the same black screen issue. The phone is definitely on as I can hear various sounds and haptics if I press buttons.

Also having an issue connecting new Bluetooth devices since my first black screen issue. The connection begins but never completes.

Advice appreciated. Thanks

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