Bluetooth audio has no 48kHz option

Hi everyone,
I’ve noticed that FP4 (A12) has no 48kHz bluetooth audio sampling rate for the most of codecs (except LDAC) while Android default mixer re-samples everything to 48kHz for the most types of audio output methods (except Direct HD). Eventually that means that casual CD-quality audio of 44.1kHz is upsampled to 48kHz by Android mixer and put to A2DP with downsampling back to 44.1kHz (not the best audio conversion according to audiophile forums).
I own another device running LineageOS 18.1 (A11) that has controls for bluetooth sampling rate and also adjusts Android mixer sampling rate automatically to match the output (A2DP in this case).
I don’t have “golden ears” or expensive audio equipment to hear the difference, but for someone that might be annoying.

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