Bluetooth and Fitbit won't connect

All was working well until Sunday when stopped being able to synch. Message on Fitbit says Bluetooth cannot connect. Had used Fairphone Updater (now all is up-to-date) but not sure if this affected it. Phone shop thinks it’s a bluetooth problem as they couldn’t connect my phone with theirs. My phone could ‘see’ them but not the other way around. Fitbit have tried all they can from their end and are suggesting trying another mobile. Any thoughts please?!

Assuming you’re on the Android 10 release now, please see this …

“We’ve implemented a toggle in the Fairphone Settings app that allows you to enable Bluetooth LE by hand. See Settings → System → Maintenance → Enhanced hardware features.”


I have experience this with my FP4 and also other android handsets.

I read on fitbit website that the remedy is to “forget” your fitbit device in the android list of Previously Connected bluetooth devices. It doesn’t mention this next step, but I have always then restarted my cellphone. Then, make a fresh connection to the fitbit.

The two would then mend fences and start to sync again.

Hope that helps.

Thank you very much. All now seems well.

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