Bluetooth, am I missing something or always visible?

Hello everyone,

I’m very happy with my new FP2, got it yesterday, have it running with 2 sims, everything seems to be working fine for now, except that I’m unable to find a way to have bluetooth invisible. Since I drive quite a bit, I kind of need my phone connected to my car infotainment, yet it scares me to always run around with a visible bluetooth.
I know that I can just turn off BT everytime I leave the car and turn it back on when entering, yet I dont want to do that, because every phone I had so far supports that.

Can someone tell me please I’m stupid and didn’t find that option?

Thanks in advance, best regards

If you go to bluetooth settings (and turn on bluetooth) it says “FP2 is visible to nearby devices while Bluetooth settings is open”. I guess that implicates that it’s invisible when you don’t have the BT settings open.


I wouldn’t count on this, until I can read it in any link…
For FP1/Android 4.2 there was an explicite option to change the timeout, which has been removed in 5.1…

Oh, thank you very much for that info, in german it says (translated by meaning):

“FP2 is visible for other devices nearby while Bluetooth is activated.”

I just tested with another device of mine and can confirm its only visible in settings :slightly_smiling:

However, the other device (also Android phone) has the same issue, I guess it came with an update since I’m sure I would have noticed this when setting up the other phone.

Thanks a lot for your help, have a good evening

I’m glad to confirm what paulakreuzer said, I did test it with settings open (visible) and settings closed (invisible)

So, this can be closed :slightly_smiling:


Could you find any value for the timeout? 1,2,5min?

No, there’s no toggle anymore as it seems.
It simply is: Bluetooth settings open, visible. Else invisible.


I can confirm. FP1 can see FP2 when bluetooth settings is open and will continue to show it on the list for a while, but when you search for nearby BT devices on FP1 right after you left the BT settings screen on FP2: FP1 will not find FP2.


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