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I have recently had my phone repaired and I had to reload a number of apps when it came back. I use Bluemail to manage a number of work email accounts and use the notification dot to know whether I have emails arrived. But since I have got my phone back I cannot get Bluemail to show any form of notification. The emails arrive but I have to enter the Bluemail app to find out if any have. I get notifications on other accounts, for example my personal gamil account. I have tried various bits of advice from Bluemail and fairphone but none seem to make the little dot come back. Thanks for your help.

Hi Just to say welcome to the forum and you are not being ignored :slight_smile:
However I don’t use Bluemail so sadly have no idea, but hopefully someone will be helpful.

Perhaps when you long press the bluemail icon and you go in notifications you could check if some categories are not deactivated?

Actually, you may want to say which ones and how, so that it’s not repeated.

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Thanks for your help.
I have all the notifications turned on and am allowing the notification for.

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Does this mean, that it’s working now?
In this case, you could mark @Alex.A posting as solution.
Or doesn’t it work, though you have all notifications turned on?
In this case, you could give some more info, what kind of advices you have tried so far.


No it is not working.
I have set all the notifications to on in the Bluemail App. I have show notifications on lock screen and show notification dots in settings. Battery is set for not optimised for Bluemail. In Bluemail I have notifications set for push, but it has a message saying Not optimised for push, press here to enable push, but when I press nothing happens.
Not sure what else I can change.
Thanks for looking into this.

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