Blue Screen, then nothing

Hi, so my four year old Fairphone 2 just decided to die on me.

I was using it, scrolling through Instagram when the screen flashed and then turned black. It wouldn’t react to anything after that.

I removed the battery and tried to restart it, but all it would do is show a blue screen for 10 sec after the company logo. Then it turns to black again and won’t react to anything.

I have already realised this is most likely a motherboard issue. But I am unsure as to how I could proceed now. Is there a repair possibility offered by Fairphone and if yes, how do I approach them?

Or does this mean it is time for a new phone, after only four years?

If you happen to have #fairphoneangels in your vicinity, perhaps a module swap could help identify whether it’s really the mainboard (= core module).

If so, you could try the #market category for second hand options, or …

Beforehand you could also try to disassemble the phone, carefully clean the module contacts, and put everything back together. Here’s a nice video (without the cleaning) …


Thank you! That’s all the information I needed.

I unfortunately do not have any Fairphone Angels nearby. Cleaning the contacts did not help, so I am at loss at what else I could do.

Guess I’ll just have to decide if the repair is worth it for me.

Can you boot into recovery mode (hold Power + Volume Down for 12 seconds)?


I tried to factory reset the device through recovery mode, but when it reboots, it gets into blue screen again


If you did a factory reset, you could even try to go a step further …


I have just tried this method as well, but the device keeps crashing into blue screen. I guess it is a hardware problem.
Thanks for all the tips anyway!

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