Blog now synced to Forum. What do you think?

New blogs are now automatically pushed to the forum in the #fairphone-road-map category.
Any comments in the forum, will show under the blog.

The forum is now used as the main way to get reactions to blogs.

Now that basic functionality is there, we want to improve it.
What do you all think? What could be better?

Leave your thoughts here so we can take them into account when we work on the next update to this function!


Can only help to propel forum population :+1:

Now us forum kids only need to keep behaving ourselves so first-time blog visitors don’t faint too often. :wink:


It’s great and both sides benefit IMO:

  • blog benefits from the forum spirit
  • forum benefits from easy way to comment on blogs and because we don’t need that topic anymore.

Two ideas and one question:

  1. Omit width and height properties of images for the forum because otherwise blog posts scroll horizontally on the forum. Discourse automatically scales images to full post width.
  2. Sort the comments below “Notable Replies” by the likes they got on the forum. (Not sure about the consequences and the implication, but we should talk about it.)
  3. Do you think the hurdle to comment for “forum outsiders” has become higher because they now need to create a forum account?

Yes, this could be the case. But…

  1. I do not think it is a very high hurdle as you can use your existing Google, FB, Twitter, Github or Yahoo account to create a forum account.
  2. I hope that a little hurdle also heightens the quality of discussion. Some of the comments on older blogs were very knee-jerk and people did not respond to others people replies on their first comment.

Most of all I am very happy to have kicked that Disqus tracker from the website…


@Monica.Ciovica Seems that the blog-forum bridge is broken. The new blog post has not been pushed to the forum.


Hi Stefan,
Thanks for the heads’up! The problem should be fixed now. :smiley:
You can find the blog here: Digging into the recycled material chains

Have a lovely day,


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