Blog: Next chapter in Fairphone's strategy: Outlook for 2015

Bas, our chief, has just published a blog about our next steps for 2015 and beyond.

Read below and discuss your questions and comments. We’re interested to hear what you think!


Exciting times indeed. It’s been a great journey so far - there are always bumps along the road and I think Fairphone have done amazingly well to get the project off the ground and into today’s situation. 60,000 phones from a completely unknown startup is pretty amazing I think. Am proud to have been part of the starting journey…

Onwards and upwards… :thumbsup:


Came just in time for me to be the first to comment on the site :-).

I won’t repeat myself here. All the best wishes for the next year. Looking forwards to you improvements in supply chain and device sustainability, but also software development. :thumbsup:


Did you ever think about creating a tablett (fairtab) ?

Bas wrote about that in the blog post mentioned above:

“Our business model hasn’t changed, nor has our product focus – we will
still concentrate on phones, and won’t branch out into other consumer
electronics like laptops or tablets.”

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