Blocked on start with "fairphone powered by android"

Hi everyone,

i’ve got a problem last night. After have root my fairphone 3 (using adb, magisk, and twrp), it have reboot normaly. I have installed few applications with root permissions. And i wanted to desinstall Google chrome (with 3C all in one toolbox). It asked me to reboot my device, so did i. But (here’s the problem) my fp3 stay at the screen with “Fairphone 3 powered by android”, then start the fasboot mode, etc etc. I’ve HARD-RESET it with the recovery mode, but it’s buisness as usual.

Could someone help me please ?

thxs :slight_smile:

I also wanted chrome gone. Deleting it, bricked my phone. I have no idea what caused this. Since chrome is a “normal” app, deleting it, should be possible. Even Windows doesnt brick because i get rid of Paint (or does it :stuck_out_tongue: ?)

Long story short: You have to go back to stock-rom!


oh i’m relieved that someone has the same problem !
When you say “go back to stock-rom”, what do you mean? Could you explain the proceedure which i have to follow please :slight_smile: my phone is bricked and i need it :frowning:

thank you very much

There is a “Flash back stock ROM” section at [HOW TO] Flash a custom ROM on FP3 with GSI

And as a last resort Fairphone 3 unbricking


@edwin Sorry that i could not be more precise. I have a newborn here that leave me little to no time… :expressionless:

But yeah please look at the links that Ingo mentiont

Hello !

Great it works again! i followed the tuto and everything fine! So i uninstall all google apps EXCEPT google Chrome, and i’m very happy :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!


If you want, you can deactivate Chrome and a lot of other Google stuff, so that it’s not usable and can not be reactivated or updated by GMS or the Play Store. For details see this topic …

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I Would Compare it to uninstalling the explorer

it seems to be the case :open_mouth:

This boosts the crying need for a googlefree droid base-system. If i wanna use chrome or other gservices then i can install it into userland. And can get rid of it, if it get on my nerves again.

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