Blocked my SIM card in the SD slot


As the title explains, I have inserted my SIM card in the SD slot by error and I can’t manage to get it out.

I was wondering whether there could be a solution, disassembling part of the phone for example, or if I was forced to struggle with a toothpick to remove it, otherwise I will have an unusable SD slot and a demand for a new SIM card to do.

Thank you.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

The SD slot isn’t really an accessible part for user manipulation.

You may be able to use the end of a needle to force into the edge of the sim to prise it out.


You could try tweezers (preferrably surgical or dentists) to pull it out carefully :thinking:


Indeed you can. Hell, some of us did that with ordinary SD cards because we use them so rarely we’d forgotten that you can just press them and they pop out :wink:

Well, it’s different with Micro-SDs in mobiles - they don’t pop out. However, in my FP2 neither SIM nor Micro-SD go completely inside the slot so I can still get them with tweezers at the protruding end.

They definitely do pop out – I know this because I discovered it right after spending ten minutes struggling with tweezers to get the bloody thing out! But because the card is completely encased in the slot, you might need non-zero-length fingernails or something like a fork tine to press it in with before it will pop out properly.

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Then the FP4 probably has a different SD slot than the FP2. Music players and laptops quite often have the pop-out-slots; many mobiles don’t - they have just a simple clip.

Hey everybody,
Thank you for your answers.

I managed to get it out with a thin fork tine and a knife.

Have a good day !


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