Blackscreen when playing a sound with whatsapp

Hi everytime I play a soundfile in whatsapp the screen becomes black and I cant do a thing with my phone until the sound has ended. (Only possibility to end it, is to open the phone and taking the batterie out)

Any Ideas or workarounds? Thank you

Perhaps re-enable Privacy Impact by unticking the option found at:
Settings > Sound & Notifications > Privacy Impact
does the trick.

This does’t change anything. Could this be related to the proximity Sensor Problem while calls? At least the phone behaves the same. Black screen and no Chance to do a thing except removing the battery.

Which app are you using?

I use Whatsapp. And the integrated Sound function of it. My friend sends me a voice record and when I play it the screen becomes Black. All other Sound Apps like vlc or aimp working properly.

Probably WhatsApp is using the same function for sound here as the one used during calls. Did you try all hints recommended in “proximity sensor” thread, like e.g. cleaning phone around proximity sensor? This could also help with WhatsApp here…

Ok I did some work now. The Problem is definitely the same. I did Test the proximity Sensor with the App “Sensor Test”. It worked ( that means Hand on phone near hands off - far). But the Problem was the same. Then I removed the screen Protector foil in the corner where the Sensor is. Tested it again and it too said it worked. But it wasn’t. Then I recalibriated the Sensor with the App “proximity Sensor fixiermittel” again. And now it works. Even during calls i can use the normal Display :slight_smile: i hope the Problem is solved now.

When I listen to a Whatsapp voice message, my screen goes black. This does not have anything to do with the proximity sensor, as it happens when I am just holding the phone in my hand, in front of me (so nothing close to the proximity sensor). I am then not able to reactivate the screen, until the voice message has ended. Also, the volume of the voice message is very low.

Could someone tell me what to do / how to solve this?

Thank you in advance!

Your post was moved here. The posts above suggest that in fact this is related to the proximity sensor. If the sensor is not calibrated well then even a bit of dirt can activate the sensor, there is no need for anything else to be near.
Please update to 1.5.1 if you haven’t already and then try to recalibrate the sensor as described here:

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I’ve got exact the same problems you described.
When the Problem occurred again after my last post ( 1 month later ) I opened My FP2 and cleaned the proximity Sensor an recallibrated it and it does work now. Don’t be afraid to open your phone it’s pretty easy after all. Try to open it with both hands like you would pray. Greetings and have fun.

You guys were right; it solved the problem (thanks!).

Although it is weird, as I had calibrated the sensor with a special app
already before.

Hmm, maybe not after all.

2 hours later, so 2 hours after I had cleaned and recalibrated the
proximity sensor, the screen went black again during a phone call (in the
same way as described before: unable to reactivate the screen).

Any idea what to do now? I am not planning on recalibrating my proximity
sensor every 2 hours…

You might try the work around with the Aluminium foil like described in “the phone can not be activated during calls” Post or might wait for the next update they are working on something. Greets


Thanks for the advice!

I will try that, although I think it is ridiculous that for a phone of 525
EUR I have to put a little piece of aluminium in my phone to try to work
around it (not even solve it). I hope the update will solve the problem,
otherwise I’m afraid I’m gonna send my phone back.



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