Black screen when phone is ringing, can't pick up a call

Hello everyone, the question is in the title, I can’t answer a phone call when the phone rings while it is in sleep mode. The phone rings and the screen stays black. Do you have any idea on this issue? Cheers

Hello and welcome. Maybe check if notifications for the phone APP are enabled as well as notifactions allowed in the lock screen

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Hello, thank you very much for your answer. I’ve checked that and: yes it’s enabled.

What OS do you have installed? /e/-OS?


Maybe try another Phone app like simple dialer from Simple mobile tools. And probably clear cache and storage of the phone app in settings, apps, phone app

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As long as we do no know what OS and what version he installed it is pure speculation… :wink:

I guess /e/, because the thread is opened in e-eelo section…and then it depends on the /e/ proprietary setup, config and functions…

Makes no difference to me reg bug identification, and it does not harm at all

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Hi, thanks for your help both of you.
Yes, I am on an up to date /e/ OS. I have deleted the cash as advised, I’m wondering: what will I lose if I delete storage?
I forgot to mention that this phone comes from the repair (under warranty) following a touch screen issue and this (the question that brings me to you) was perfectly working before. So it comes maybe from the fresh version of the OS they put on the phone before bringing it back to me?
Thanks again !

It will not delete contacts, otherwise the only I could think of are the call lists that would be deleted, but don’t know 100%

Have you checked the e/forum if this issue is known for the current OS Version?

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Deleting storage of dialer app is not a problem.
The view settings can be done easily, of you ever made changes…

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Hello, a big thanks to you both! It seems that it works now that I’ve deleted the cache and storage, I don’t know what caused the problem though as I haven’t changed the phone app settings… anyway… many thanks for being so efficient! Have a nice afternoon.


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