Black screen when calling / proximity sensor problem

The screen on my FP1 goes black when calling, and comes back to life when the call is ended. It seems to be the proximity sensor - after a recent repair, the small, black, internal rubber stopper by the sensor is missing (seestep 28 of this iFixit tutorial). The logical answer would be to switch off the proximity sensor, but none of the apps that do this available on Google Play Store work. So, does anyone know how to switch off the sensor, or where I can get a replacement rubber stopper? Thanks!

This doesn’t sound wrong, but I guess you mean the screen is black during calls even if you don’t hold the phone to your ear, right?

Where did you get it repaired?

See if there are #fairphoneangels near you. Many of them have FP1 parts for repairs.

Thanks for your help, Paula. That’s right, the screen remained black throughout the call, regardless of position. The phone was repaired in Nairobi. In actual fact, I think we have found a solution by replacing the rubber stopper with one from another phone. It took a few attempts to find one that worked, but it seems to be working for now…

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:+1: Cool, could you share which phone that was just in case someone else runs into the same issue?

Sorry, I don’t know. The repairer just had some ones left over from previous repairs.

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