Black screen non-responsive

Since the last update I’ve had an massive increase of black screenswhere I have to remove the battery to restart it, and then it works normally. It appears when I try to unlock the phone. The screen stays black and the led light works but screen doesn’t respond. I have tried to wait for a while but this doesn’t help. What should I do, and does anyone else have this issue?

You might want to check the other thread on random reboots/crashes

Theres a difference between blackscreens (The link takes you to a troubleshooting guide you should try), random reboots and random crashes. Though crashes can leave you with a blackscreen, reboots are something totally different.

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Thank you, I will try to reconnect the screen.

I don’t have random reboots nor crashes, it’s just the screen.

I did reconnect the screen, and so far so good. Only thing I’ve noticed was that when I started the phone after re-assembeling it it said “Android starting, optimizing app x of x”. Which I thought it only did after an update.

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