Black screen incoming call F3+

When I get an incoming call the screen remains black. I need to turn on the phone but that disconnects the call.

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  • Please check you do not have notifications set to off for incomming calls
  • Please check you do not have thd option to answer calls by pressing the power button and

Hi and welcome in the community. It seems your phone app does not have the necessary right to display notifications on the lock screen. To guide you easier to the settings, what operating system do you use? that the power button ends the call is also a setting that could be changed if wanted.

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the Black Screen issue has been resolved (the screen stays black and no phone “answer” or “decline” option comes up):

We cleared the phone app cache and data storage. I can now answer calls again when the phone is “asleep”.

the Notifications button is set on “show notifications”.


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