Black screen for incoming calls when connected to Bluetooth Device (UE Megaboom)

Hi. I’ve noticed that when I receive an incoming call, the screen on my FP4 regularly stays black and I can’t answer the call when my FP4 is connected to the UE Megaboom via Bluetooth and music is playing.

Since I don’t have any other Bluetooth devices, I can’t tell if this is a problem with Bluetooth on the FP4 or a problem with the speaker. In any case, the problem only occurs since one of the latest updates (possibly Android 12?).


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I just called myself while connected to a UE Megaboom 3 BT box and cant reproduce the issue you are seeing. maybe clear the cache of the phone app. I dont use the stock phone app, but the one from simple mobile tools

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I use the standard phone app that came with the phone. When I am listening to audio on my hearing aids, if my phone rings it runs slowly or freezes until the phone stops ringing so I can’t answer the call literally until after I have missed it. So it’s not specific to your devices/apps.

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Thank you for your answers. I cleared the cache and disable the call-permission of my boombox. until now i didn’t notice any problems. if it happens again, i’ll check out the phone app by simple mobile tools.

thank you, that’s the exact behaviour i was trying to describe. hopefully it’ll be fine without the call-permission.

I’m having the same Issue.
I now tested it on two Bluetooth devices (qudelix 5k and SonyWH-1000XM3)…same result.

Whenever i have the Bluetooth devices connected, audio running and especially when the screen is on I only get the ringtone, but no option to take the call.
When the call ist missed the FP4 freezes, gets a blackscreen or some other hickups. Only After a short time i can lock/unlock and call back.

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Hi and welcome to the community, as you mentioned “screen on” I tested again. FP4 connected with UE Megaboom playling spotify and screen on, and indeed the phone vibrates/rings however the pop-up to pick up the call displays delayed after several seconds and only for a second, however I cant notice any freeze, i.e. after the pop-up vanishes I can pull down notifications menu, select the call notification and pick-up or or decline

So i’ve tried with your mentioned app and no significant difference. I’ve noticed that i could take the call over the buttons on my Bluetooth device qudelix but still the screen isn’t useable for a seconds and does only respond with a huge delay.

every time I get a phone call while I’m connected to my Bluetooth speakers or my car with Bluetooth, this happens:

  • I hear my phones ringtone, but no accept/decline call button appears on the screen
  • If I switch to the phone app manually, the screen goes blank and after a few seconds, Android reports the phone app crashed

This happens 95% every time I’m getting a call while Bluetooth is connected.
I’ve all the latest updates etc.

Any suggestions?

Sometimes the phone crashes so heavily when called, I need to reboot.

Moved your post here, I would suggest to contact support.

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Hi, I’m seeing the same behavior on my phone. When on my headphones and screen on I hear the ringtone and my Garmin watch gives me the options to pickup the phone but in the meantime my phone freezes, 50% of the time a reboot fixes the problem for some time.

Hope the tech team will look into this.

Hope will not help, when you dont contact them to tell them :wink:

And welcome to the community

Hi everybody,
I have simular problems with my FP4.
Is there a solution meanwhile, or an answer from the support?
Thx, Johnny

It’s rather a workaround than a solution but I didn’t have any issues after having disabled the call-permission for my boombox.

i have the same issue

I had the same issue since March, but it might’ve gotten fixed with the recent Android 13 update. My phone got sent in for repairs twice and I even got a complete replacement the 2nd time, but the issue persisted. Fairphone support seemingly has no idea what causes this issue, but it might’ve gotten solved by the recent Android update, but I’ll have to check that later.

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