Black Screen but Touch Still Working


TL;DR: The display on my Fairphone 3+ is black. It still responds to touch and changing the display module didn’t help.

After dropping the phone (but not directly, so not sure if that is the cause), the display stopped working and went black. Once I was able to restart it in safe mode, but after that the screen was always black.
The phone definitely works. When charging, the LED on the top lights up. When the phone is plugged in, it vibrates and makes a sound.
Also, the touch screen works somehow. When I (blindly) try to unlock the phone, it makes the sound of a button being pressed.
I tore the whole phone apart, cleaned all the connections, tightened all the screws and even replaced the whole display module.
As described in Black screen / not booting, but display module works in other phone I checked if the EDL mode works and it does. But I don’t see any use of flashing, because it seems like a hardware problem.

Now I’m at the end of my tether.

Does anyone know of anything I can try or where the problem might be?

Have you checked in a completely dark room if you can adjust the display brightness? Quite far fetched , still worth a try…

No, unfortunately not :cry: