Black screen at startup and strange behavior with settings

Since a few days my phone starts up with a black screen (backlight on) and then normally starts. Also the srceen turns black after turning of wifi when it is not connect to the usb for charging. The screen turns on again after connecting the usb. Also the external sd card is not detected any more. I tried to perform a hard reset, but I can t get into recovery mode, because I get the same black screen (with backlight). Any idea if this is a software or hardware problem?

got the same problem today. phone starts up with a black screen with backlight on so i can t go to recovery mode or do anything else.
i also don t know what to do… ask the support?

I just finished installing everything again if it was totally bricked ([XDA])1. Got the same behavior. I have to connect to usb to switch on wifi. with wifi on it work well, except the start up screen and recovery mode… I will ask support for a solution.

i also worked it out like the “totally bricked” howto but screen stay black like before. i can hear the sound from the first startup of the phone but only with a black backlighted screen :frowning:
still waiting for answer from the support.

I got the same problem today. My phone worked perfectly, but after putting it in my pocket, the screen stays black (with backlight). The phone workes in the background - normal I think. It vibrates, the red LED shows new messages. Removing SD and SIM-cards doesn’t change anything.
Hope someone can help!