Black screen and dropped calls

Hi, Anyone one else having problems making calls or getting a frozen blank screen on their fairphone 2 ?
I am on OS version 1.7.1
The majority of the time when i want to make a call i get the message ‘call not made’.
After three or four attempts it usually restarts.
When i do manage to make a call it freezes on the black screen and i usually have to restart it.
Its also a problem when you have to press 3 etc on an automated phone system as the screen wont come back to life.
It works fine if someone rings me, its only when i make calls.
Anyone got anything similar or found a way to fix it?

I’ve just found this in the help topics.
I’ll try it and see if it does work and i’ll update on here. I am using two SIM cards, and have it set to ‘Ask every time’. Not sure if it will help with the black screen though.

Cannot place a call with two SIM cards when there is no preferred SIM for calls (“Call not sent” error)
Symptoms: A call can sometimes not be placed when there are two SIM cards and the calling preference is set to “Ask every time”.Workaround: Wait five seconds before selecting the SIM card with which you want to call and then the call will be sent.
Alternatively, set a preferred SIM call to call with in the phone Settings > SIM cards > Preferred SIM for Calls.

Probably not, but this support article will point to some things that may (though you might want to try whether calibration (explained at the end of the article) fixes it, before resorting to cleaning the inside of the display if it doesn’t). There’s also a couple of discussions on the forum, you can find them via search (the magnifying icon towards the top right).

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Update. I have removed the screen and re attached it to check it is connected properly. I have re callibrated the proximity sensor and i am now waiting 5 seconds before choosing which SIM to make the call from and i can confirm that this has solved all of the issues, no more dropped calls, no more black screens and no more non responsive phone. thanks for the help