Black Screen after Display Change

Hello, I have the following problem. I dropped my Fairphone 3+ and the display is a bit chipped. But it still showed the home screen when I pressed the little button on the side. I just couldn’t operate the display anymore. I then ordered a new display module and installed it. I shut down the smartphone beforehand. After installing the new display, it remains black when restarting. However, the charging light at the top left lights up when I connect a USB cable and the typical brief vibration also occurs at startup. I have already checked the contacts and tightened all the screws. Does anyone have any ideas?

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FP3 display and the core module are held together not just by the screws, but also by plastic clamps all around the edges of the display. So I recommend you gently press together the display and the core module with your thumb and index finger all along the display edges. You will probably get to hear some slight clicks when the plastic clamps snap into place.

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Thanks for the quick reply, but that doesn’t seem to be the error. All clamps are clicked in and the core module lies evenly in the shell.