Black screen after connecting to bluetooth keyboard

We bought a bluetoooth keyboard for our tablet and I tried to connect it to my FP2. Everything went fine but later the screen of of my FP2 remained black when trying to access it. Sometimes it recovers after pressing the on/off button several times but often I have to reboot the phone. When I am impatient I remove and remount the battery.
I tried resetting the touchscreen but without success. Any idea?

I take it that this problem is happening when the BT keyboard is not connected?
You might want to remove it from the list of known input devices.
In the standard Android 10 I have on my FP3, this is in Settings > System > Languages & input > Keyboards.
You might also try turning off BT but I’ve a suspicion that would not help.

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Thanks for the hint. On my FP2 the settings look a bit different but the path was similar. I switched off the display of the “Display the Screen Keyboard” and the problem vanished :slight_smile:


Glad to have been of help.

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