Black lines on display - help!

Hey everyone,

while browsing, my Fairphone FP1 got stuck for some time (didn’t react for a few seconds – never happened before), now I have thin horizontal black lines on my display.
I tried switching it on and off, leaving it turned off for some hours, still, the black lines stay. Sometimes, other colours on the screen bleed vertically, for example on the blue startup screen the white of the “fairphone” letters is smeared vertically across the screen.

Is there anything else I can do? Thanks.


You could check whether your problem is hardware or software originated: What happens if you take a screenshot and turn your phone by 90°. Is the black line then vertical or does it stay horizontal?


The black lines stay exactly the same, so it’s a hardware problem.
Does it make sense to open the phone? Is there anything to try or should I
order a new display right away?


It could be that there are some loose contacts in the phone. On ifixit it is explained how you take the display apart.