Black Friday is over. Here's what we learnt

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We hope our posts about making your products last struck a chord with you this November. At Fairphone, we’re all about supporting you to hang on to your tech for as long as possible. It’s our way of tackling the whole electronic waste issue! It’s not only fairer to the planet, it’s also fairer to our community, especially when it comes to their hard-earned money. If there is anything you need to take away from our stories last month, it’s this:

We Need a Repair Revolution

Like our head of product development, Miquel Ballester, keeps insisting, it is high time we pushed other brands out there for more repairable design. Repairability is key to sustainability. Fixing your devices should be an easy task. That, in itself, will enable everyone to hold on to their stuff for much longer. It is also key to ownership. After all, if you can’t open it, you don’t own it. Read more about what Miquel has to say about this here.

Zen and the Art of Smartphone Maintenance

Take care of your stuff. It’s worth it! Clean your device from time to time, inside and out. Don’t overload it with junk data and apps. Invest in a good screen protector and phone case. It’s the little things that can make any relationship. Your relationship with your phone is no different. Here are eight tips to keep your phone running like new.

The Joy of Missing Out

Don’t fall for the hype. Launch cycles are getting way too frequent, prompting people to abandon what they have and jump for the next new big thing. We need to ask ourselves whether we really need that shiny new thing. Repairing your stuff is a much better way to go. Check out our handy Fairphone 4 and Fairphone 5 repair guides here to see what we mean. And if repairing your devices isn’t an option, we suggest shopping refurbished. It’s better than new in every way.

The Industry is Broken. We Need To Fix It.

Sometimes, it feels like the big brands spend more money on talking about what they are doing for sustainability than on their ACTUAL sustainability efforts. It all comes down to what tech companies are trying to push on us and what we need, to actively say no to. Fairphone’s interim CEO, Noud Tillemans, penned a powerful piece on why this is a problem.

And even though November is all wrapped up, our tips and tricks on how to dodge the likes of Black Friday remain relevant year-round. Learn more here.



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