Black Friday Android software deals


A lot of Black Friday deals are crap or fake because the price was upped shortly before or because it isn’t the cheapest deal available.

Some deals are pretty sweet though, such as Little Snitch (macOS GUI firewall for those who don’t wanna use PF) being only 22,50 EUR.

Anyway, I stumbled upon this one:

Geek Bench 4 Pro from 11 to 0 EUR

If anyone got any other Android discount/gratis software due to Black Friday please share.

What is PF?

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I don’t use macOS, so I’m either right with this guess … or a troll :slight_smile: .


I have tried “Geek Bench 4 Pro”.
The CPU benchmark works on my battery like a vampire on the blood circulation of a virgin. The battery went from 50% to 12% within minutes of running the app.
If that’s common, you should not use this app on the go with no powerbank or power connector within reach. :wink:

True, it won’t be useful for a whole lot of people.

If you bought it though, its linked to your Google Play account, so you can install it any time on another device. Ie. the Fairphone 3 and the Fairphone 2 :wink:

I knew this software wouldn’t be very useful. I kinda made this topic to ask for more Android or Fairphone related deals. It didn’t work out, and this community isn’t in line with the commercialisation of Black Friday et al.

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Downloaded it for free, using yalp-store, as I lack a Google account. :wink:
It presents lots of information I hardly know the meaning of; especially as I have no other device to compare it to.
But it’s fun nevertheless.

Took me a while but I found it. Here’s a list of Android discounted and free apps:

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