Black area in display-corner

Some months ago, i accidentally dropped my fairphone 3 on some stairs and since that, there as been a black area in the top right corner of the display. I probably just need to buy a new diaplay. But before i spend 90 euros on a new display, I would like someone to confirm, that it is indeed to right solution to the issue.

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No one can tell you for sure, whats wrong. Did you try to remove the display already and reseat it properly?

Is there probably a Fairphone Angel in your vicinity, who can help you testing your device?


No, I haven’t tried removing and restarting the display. I will try that, and write back when it’s done.

A picture of the issue (maybe on some different background colors) would also be helpful. If you have a second phone with which to take the picture.


@Jacob_Heidemann Just in case you need some guidance to do that:

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