Birthday management

so far I am very happy with my new FP1U. But I cannot find a possibility to add a date of birth to my contacts or manage birthdays in the calendar.
I don’t use google apps or the playstore and want to keep the phone google free. Maybe that has something to do with it?
Does anyone know if there is a possibility to get birthdays to work?
Thanks in advance.

As long as a contact is stored in the phone storage and not on the SIM card, you can press the “Add another field” button when in contact editing mode and choose “Events” to add a birth date.

Do you use F-Droid and / or the open source NOGAPPS Playstore client? If this is the case, have a look at the “Birthday Adapter” application.

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I must say, that I can’t find “events” when I try to add another field, there are six different items to choose from, none of which is “events”. That’s why I chose to install a birthday app… I stored all my contacts on the phone itself. Does anybody know what I might be doing wrong?

Greetings, Jessica

I think the ‘events’ option is only available when you’re storing your contacts on google - obviously not of use to you then.

I think you will probably need to look at apps for this (but can’t suggest any in particular)

Thanks to you all!
I also do not have an entry “events” when I add another field to a contact stored on the phone. Personally I find it a little inconvenient if you need a google account just to use (offline) birthdays. “Birthday Adapter” didn’t fix the problem. I installed it and still no “event”.
Anyway, I will check out the link in the xda forum and will look for a birthday app.

Ah, sorry for the confusion. I don’t use Google for contacts sync but DAVdroid together with a private OwnCloud instance. I should have tried adding a birth date with a phone storage contact before posting.

For F-Droid users: maybe Birthdroid is useful here? (haven’t tried myself)

I have noticed the same problem, I migrated from an HTC where I had an SD with my contacts (Birthdays were present). When I imported contacts in the FP and installed “Birthday adapter” I correctly see my old-added birthdays in FP’s agenda. But the address book pre-installed in phone do not leave me add new birthday or see them.
Unfortunately I can’t find an application that permits me to manage birthday in F-Droid. Anyone knows an application for this purpose (best free-as-in-a-freedom)?
Thanks so much.

@haffenloher “Birthdroid” correctly sees the old birthdays saved in address book, but it can’t edit them, so it’s almost useless. Address book app can save correctly every field of contacts but no displays or manages them, it’s a lack of FP’s address book.

I’ve found a partial solution:
With the app “Contact editor free” by Marten Gajda, you can at last edit your phone contacts and add birthdays. The app is mainly based on Android 2.x app released with Apache Licence with little modifications (But the modified app seems not completely free-as-in-a-freedom).
If you would download it, search it on Google Play, copy the url and then download it with APK downloader. Naturally you still continue to no see birthday in “People” contacts manager shipped with FP but if you have installed the usefull “Birthday adapter” from F-Droid you can see them in Agenda.

I am using DAVDroid 0.6.2 and can add events google-lessly to my owncloud server.
Probably it depends on the version and carddav implementation.

I can recommend the “Geburtstage (Birthdays)” app by Open Me, which is available in several languages. It is simple, yet very useful as ist has got everything you need.
It’s a pity anyway, that so many things on this great phone chiefly seem to work with google by default and that you have to work around it if you want to avoid that…

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It seems a good app, but I can’t find if it is an open applocation, can you know if and where is app’s code?

So far I haven’t tried another app to add birthdays to contacts but the DAVdroid solution with an owncloud instance sounds good. Can you just run the owncloud server on your desktop PC and the phone syncs the contacts there? I haven’t given owncloud a look yet.

Check this topic out: Synchronising calendar with Android (free software and services)

I’ve got a Debian distribution running on my Virtual Box. In there I installed ownCloud. There are some guides on the internet. If you have installed ownCloud, you just need to assign a static IP to your Debian distribution, so you can access it from your FP.

If you are not experienced with Linux this sounds quite overwhelming. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to ask! (Also per PM in German if you prefer.)

Edit: This should probably be in the topic linked above, as it’s not got much to do with the original post.

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Here’s an open source birthday app that apparently will link to your contacts (but I haven’t tried it):

see also

@kgha Thanks, it’s an open application that roughly fits my needs!

Sorry for my answering so late, I didn’t have the time to do this earlier.

I don’t exactly know what you mean, but this app is for free und you can find it here:

Hope this will be helpful!

Ooops, I thought, copying and pasting the URL would lead to another result…