🇩🇪 🇬🇧 Bildlauf bei /e/ ist verzögernd / Scrolling on /e/ is laggy

Der Bildlauf z. B. im Browser oder in den Einstellungen ist ruckelig. Wenn es aber per USB Kabel am PC oder ein USB Stick (USB-C) angeschlossen ist, ist das ruckeln sofort verschwunden. Kann das jemand bestätigen? Das Gerät wurde bereits zurückgesetzt und neu geflasht.

The scrolling in the browser or in the settings is jerky. But if it is connected to the PC via USB cable or a USB stick (USB-C), the jerking disappears immediately. Can anyone confirm this? The device has already been reset and reflashed.

I can confirm this, but at least on my phone the effect is hardly noticeable, so I just recognised it after your description and can live with it.

There’s a GitLab issue already …


Thanks for the Gitlab link. Then I hope for the next update for /e/ which will fix this issue.

Does anybody know:
Could that problem have been solved?
Just installed /e/. It is running but I’m having the lag problems while scrolling too.
When USB is plugged I’m having the same problems, but not that intense.
Thanks very much!

Hi again, just noticed having lags in all apps, not in browser only? Any idea how to solve? Is the same problem known under LineageOS, better to switch?

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