Bike Mount for FP2

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My apologies if this has already been posted but i was looking for a secure bike mount for the FP2. I couldn’t seem to find a compatible case so i opted for the Quadlock Universal Kit. This will limit me to using it in dry conditions for now but I purchased for a summer cycling tour (and not the only GPS device) so accept this limitation. I wasn’t 100% sure the mount would adhere to the standard FP2 cover (due to it having both rigid and flexible aspects) but after cleaning the surface with rubbing alcohol it has stuck perfectly and it has stayed completely in place when cycling over bumps, cobbles etc. I’m not cycling on rough terrain (mainly roads and gravel tracks) so i can’t vouch for mountain biking but it seems pretty solid.
It doesn’t add much to what is already a big phone (and not in an inconvenient place) and means I can purchase or swap out with another cover if i like.

If anyone knows of a rigid waterproof case for the FP2 please let me know (to combine with the Quadlock or if it has a bike mount already).

Happy riding and happy FP2’ing!



I use an ultimate addons case for my daily commute, and i’m very satisfied with it.
Will try to post a picture.
So far it survived rain and pavement vibration…

One needs to buy mount and case separately.
I already had a smaller case for my older phone, and the “bike handlebar” mount.
For my FP2 I ordered the “galaxy note” case, as the dimensions are similar.

Advantage : The phone stays zipped inside, so fully protected from rain or dust, and stays firmly in place even over rough pavement. The plastic face is transparent and conductive, so you can use the touchscreen.
Also, you don’t need to glue anything to your phone

The drawback is that it’s not as responsive as the naked phone, but convenient enough to check your map or read a message on the go.

I designed my own 3D-Printed FP2 bike mount. It is fitting into the F55 Fixer from Topeack which you may buy in a shop or you get it together with the waterproof 6" drybag which I am also using.

I tested my FP2 bike mount on my last trekking bike tours through the Alps and in Sweden and it worked fine. You may fix your FP2 with an old headphone jack in my mount if you like.

Source for FreeCAD and .STL-Files you find find here:


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