Bicycle handlebar mount?

I have the CycleStreets App, which is fantastic for doing bicycle maps and routing. I use it with the phone in my pocket, which is, obviously, not quite as useful as having it attached to the handlebar. I’m looking for a mount that’s the right size, waterproof, but still works with the touch screen. Does this exist? Does anyone have suggestions?

I have no proper suggestion, but do own one of these plastic bags that are supposed to host a (folded) map and be zipped to the handlebar: if I were in a hurry, that’s what I’d try first here :wink:

I am using Finnmount +
Its simple, fast fixed, cheap…

Best regards from switzerland

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Check out this link from the FP open design contest:
Two entries are about a bike mount, so it is definitly something people are thinking about! :wink:


I got this one:Fahrrad Smartphonehalter mit Lenkerbefestigung , unfortunately in German. With article number A731061 or manufacturer 65075 you might find it elsewhere.

It is tight with phone cover, but it fits. I wouldn’t use it in heavy rain, but it works for normal conditions. It has a flap with hook and loop on the top, so it is possible to connect a charger by USB by leaving the flap open (it stays over the plug, so its a bit protected too).

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