Better access to About / FAQ / Terms Of Service / Privacy?

I just went on a search for the community guidelines … and I only found them with the link included in the badge I got for reading them.

Apparently they are the FAQ, and a part of a group of pages together with About, Terms Of Service and Privacy. Fine with me.

Then I looked for a link to the FAQ and found one in the hamburger menu, which is also fine with me.
About is linked to in the hamburger menu along with the FAQ, but there are no links to Terms Of Service and Privacy.

Obviously everything’s there and can somehow be accessed, but I’m missing easier access and/or consistency.
Could be just me, though. Am I missing something blatantly obvious?

If not, could links to Terms Of Service and Privacy be added to the hamburger menu for consistency?
There seems to be enough room for this, on mobile as well as desktop.

Furthermore next to the hamburger menu icon and the search icon I could imagine something like a question mark icon :question: or an info icon :information_source: or something similar linked to the FAQ for better and more visible access to this whole group of pages.

What do others think?


Pictures/symbols are a universal language. Because of this, they’re quicker understood (and I say this as a heavy CLI user).

With the release of FP3, this forum is going to have to go through some changes. A good basis, like your proposal would add to, makes sense.

I personally like it the way it is, I don’t think overcrowding the menu makes much sense, especially since some users already find Discourse hard to use (I don’t really know why, but it’s the only forum software I’ve ever used apart from a super old phpbb version whick really sucked).
I think it also logically makes sense to access the ToS and Privacy Policy via “About”, since the button tells you stuff about the page.

But I do agree that the community guidelines could be placed more prominent, e.g. as a fifth button beneath About, FAQ, ToS and the Privacy Policy here.

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