Best USB-C to Audio Jack Adapter for FP4

There are an important problem, I used to listening podcast with wired earphones and I can respond calls and video chats.
Then now you need to chose well, because with some DAC, you can not do this.

And then another problem it’s my DAC. It’s a 9038S unbalanced, from E1da, and needs a supply of energy from a external battery, because drains to much power, from the phone, and for example. The Iphone’s can’t work with this DAC, because the SO cuts the drain of power.
Then the FP4 can support the drain from a DAC?

Hey Community,

What with the FP4 USB-C to Mini Audio Jack Adapter appearing to be perpetually ‘temporarily out of stock’, I’m wondering if anyone is aware of an alternative USB-C to Mini Audio Jack Adapter that works with FP4. I’m a total Android noob, having been an iPhone user up until the very end of last year, and unwittingly bought a third party adapter last month without looking into it first. Needless to say, it didn’t work with my FP4 when it arrived. I’m guessing - as per the FP4 adapter spec - I need an adapter with a built in DAC chip.

Any advice/feedback appreciated.

Hi, I moved your post to this existing, in addition have look at this list


UGREEN charge-and-listen adapter audio doesn’t work, charging not tested

Check the recommendations here: ✏ FP4 List of USB-C to 3.5 Audio jack adapter

Fairphone’s own adapter is now available in the shop:

I seem to remember people kept reporting it was out of stock for a long time, so I thought this might be of interest here.


@urs_lesse How does it compare to the Apple Adapter ? I just bought it, should I send it back and buy the official fairphone adapter instead ?

I have got no experience with any such adapter. Given the low price tag, I would expect that Fairphone’s is simply a standard solution. I’d try out your Apple adapter and stay with it if it works well.

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Seems i don’t have the necessary reputation to edit the wiki post, can someone add that the Huawei CM20 USB-C/3,5mm jack adaptor ( is not working with the fairphone 4? I bought that one and tried it, it never produced sound. But i also can say that it didn’t work with other usb-c devices i tried as well.


Maybe your raise your trust level following advice at #forumtrustlevels .
Then you can add it by yourself. :slight_smile:
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This cheap version works only with Huawei, as it is a pure mechanical adapter. Huawei seems to use a D/A-converter in the phone. Most devices need an external D/A-converter, as the one of Fairphone or one of the other working adapters.


That explains it. I’ve now ordered two from the recommendation list and will expand the wiki when i gained level 1 trust, if nobody else adds the Huawei adapter to the wiki.


If you really just ask which is the best and price is not a problem then I’d say the audioquest dragonfly is great. But its a dac and amp in one and meant for high end headphones so if you just want to casually listen to music its a bit overkill. Also you’d need another usb to usb c adapter for it. Otherwise the apple one is really good.


My phone is my (tele)work horse and for (often long) online meetings I need good enough audio, both output and input - my colleagues need to hear me well.

That’s where Fairphone original USB-C to Mini Audio Jack Adapter (3.5mm) falls short - the microphone volume is much too low.

I have purchased two other adapters and both of them work fine, people hear me well.

They are

  1. Belkin - L’Adaptateur USB-C 3,5 mm RockStar audio + recharge Belkin, F7U080
  2. Hoppac Adaptateur Jack Femelle pour Casque 3,5 mm vers connecteur Audio stéréo USB-C Compatible avec iPad Pro 2021/2020/mini 6, Galaxy S21/S21+/S21 Ultra/S20/S10/S9/Note 10/A52

I have also purchased one small headphones set (backup and on the road solution) with direct USB-C connection, and this one also works well (Écouteurs USB C Magnétique Écouteurs USB Type C HiFi Stéréo Écouteurs Filaire Anti-Bruit Casque avec Micro et Contrôle du Volume pour Samsung S22 S21 S20 FE/Ultra Xiaomi 12 Oneplus Pixel 6 Pro Poco F3 )

I am surprised that I did not find anybody else mentioning this issue.

I am also surprised that three random 3rd party products work better than the original one.
Belkin is more expensive, but also provides charging which is important, and Hoppac is even cheaper than the original.

BTW It is not one potentially defective adapter, I have two and they both behave the same.

Best Regards

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I want to report back on this topic. The Anker adapter broke this week. It had been used daily. Daily use in this case means listening to podcasts and music while commuting, cycling, working in the garden, etc. I did not do anything weird with it. The headsets I have owned previously lasted me at least several years of the same extended use, which suggest the adapter was not of great quality.

I suspect it was either the USB-C connector or the wire that failed. The USB-C connector had started to play up, randomly cutting out my music (although the player did not pause, so Android was still seeing the adapter). Reseating it would fix the issue. This would happen about every other day.

The other potentional culprit was the cable, which bent almost 180° degrees as it came out of my jeans pocket.

Either way, I am now forced to order another adapter (in this case the Ugreen 90° adapter, as I hope it will prevent the bent cable issue). So far, I have spent €73,87 on adapters and delivery costs. Not very eco or budget friendly.

As I’ve said before, the lack of a 3.5mm port has turned out to be a much larger issue for me than I thought when I bought the phone. I don’t regret buying an FP4 at all, but boy do I wish they would reintroduce the jack.

Further thoughts:

  • on the fragility of the 3.5mm plug: I used the 3.5mm on my ZTE Axon 7 for almost six years with zero problems (and the same for all my previous phones)
  • on the FP adapter: I don’t believe it’s sturdy enough. The cable will be bending all kinds of directions and fail, just like the Anker adapter.
  • on the Sharkoon adapter I mentioned in an earlier post: I have used it temporarily after my Anker broke. In one day, the connector has bent and the housing has started to crack open. This adapter is not meant for your pocket.
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Yes an adapter in the pocket sounds frail, depends upon the pocket. Atop jacket pocket may suit it better and yes a 90° one could help as there will be less fulcrum force on the USB C socket.

I use a Spectra X DAC with 7Hz Timeless IEM’s
One warning with this combination: Don’t have the volume more than about 50%. The Spectra X DAC puts out a lot of power.

Sound quality is way better than any crap I’d get with bluetooth.


I’ve bought this model:

USB C auf 3,5 mm Adapter from MOSWAG.

I can’t recommend. The Sound is very flat, like an very old radio.

Hello, (almost) 1 year later … :upside_down_face:

I treated myself to the Sharkoon Mobile and I have to say, it’s worlds better than the corroded apple part. :+1:
Much louder and you can hear the different sound modes well. What’s not so good, I’ve already read, is that the LED sometimes jumps back to some setting. But the sound setting (acoustic) is retained. :thinking:
I also found out that this is probably related to the resolution/quality of the audio. With audio in Signal, for example, the LED jumps to 48, the same piece saved in the phone jumps to 44.
As I said, it doesn’t matter acoustically, so it’s a bug or a feature. :laughing:
I’m happy and satisfied with the Sharkoon (k not c :face_with_peeking_eye:) device. :+1:

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I have a headset with minijack connector I would like to use with my FP4. As the phone does not have a jack connection, I bought a USB-C to minijack converter that’s supposed to work for exactly this purpose (this one: Køb USB-C til 3.5 mm adapter - Med opladning - Sort på

Unfortunately it does not work. The phone does not seem to recognise that an audio device has been plugged in, so it keeps playing sounds through the normal speaker rather than the headset.

Does anyone have experience with making something like this work?