Best sim only choice

hi everyone
Im sure this has been asked loads, and i have seen tons of answers, but thought i’d re-ask
What is the best sim-only deal i can get for a nano sim

These are for my kids, who will want to text loads and play on apps etc. Thats about it. maybe 100 minutes, and some data, but maily they will want these for wifi use at home and texting. It’s unlikely they will ever use them as phones…

What i’m specifically after is a package that I can top-up and wont run out after 30 days. I dont want to put £10 credit on every month, becuase they wont use it… So a pack that i can top up every so often, that rolls over.

I know giffgaff get good referrals, but may not be the cheapest on a deal like this, - does anyone have an idea who i can use and the sort of roll over terms that apply?

Thanks in advance peeps.

The answer very much depends on which country you are in.

As you mention giffgaff I’m assuming you’re in the UK?

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Sorry, yes uk. (Google uk sent me here and I just assumed it was uk site)

Yeah, this forum is for a mobile call “Fairphone”, so if you don’t have one it’s probably not the best place to ask this question :slight_smile: A shameless plug too, if you want to know more about Fairphone you can read all about it here

Most users on the forum are from Germany, Netherlands and many more so will not be able to help. Luckily I’m the moderator from the UK!

My advice would be to check something like moneysupermarket and compare SIM only deals. Giffgaff is a good service (I use it myself) - if you do decide to go with giffgaff you can use this link to get a free SIM and a free £5 credit when the SIM is activated. With giffgaff there is no contract and you can choose what they call “Goodybags” which vary depending on how many minutes and data you need. Calls between giffgaff SIMs are free as long as they are topped up a least once every 3 months. You can set them to reoccur every month so you don’t have to remember to top them up, and you buy the goodybag so it’s not a credit on the phone account.

(Edit, have updated the link for giffgaff)