Best practice to backup before factory reset?

I have some problems with my camera module and the Fairphone support wants me to do a factory reset to see if that helps to solve the problem.

Now I dont want to loose all the apps I have installed especially the setups I have done for Authy and Signal. Are there any backup programs that can do an easy backup and later a restore that work with the Android10 FP3? Dont have to be free, would pay for some good one.

Thanks in advance

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You can check #dic:backup for explanations. Be aware that if you want to use an app like Titanium Backup or OandXBackup you will need to be rooted.
Personnally I recommend using TWRP and doing a #twrpbackup. That’s the only thing that has always worked for me (be aware it doesn’t include the internal storage, you will have copy your files yourself, e.g by connecting it to your computer). See post#2, that’s in fact not really a viable option.

Otherwise… google.

From what I understood that’s not a viable option for a “normal” FP3(+). To use TWRP you’d first have to unlock the bootloader. Which would wipe the data that one intends to backup.


You could have a look at what MyPhoneExplorer can do for you (How To and FAQ), and you should have a look at what your important Apps have to offer for backing up/restoring or exporting/importing their data.
Otherwise you have found a blind spot in Android, unfortunately, at least when not planning ahead from the start.


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