Best method to clean the screen

My Fairphone is the first smartphone I bought. I noticed that my fingerprints and smudges are very ‘present’ on the screen. What’s the best and safest way to clean it? I am a bit suspicious on cleaning liquids, sometimes they are too agressive and damage the screen.

Any experiences that would help me and other first Fairphone users?

I just use my pants, handkerchief or t-shirt, for a quick clean :smiley: But you can use everything you’d use to clean your glasses, for example :slight_smile:

Yeah same here. A relatively clean piece of cloth works well. Best to use non-synthetic cloths like cotton rather than nylon or something like that, although those microfibre cloths work very good as well. Usually I just use the sleeve of my t-shirt or something. Just make sure there’s no sand on there.

If you got a chamois at home for cleaning the windows, you could just cut a small piece of it. Did so, got it in my wallet. When a simple quick wipe on my shirt does not do the trick, the chamois does.