Best camera app for FP3?

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I got my FP3 this week and I am just wondering which camera app I should use in addition to or even as a replacement for the built-in one.

From the ones that I’ve tried so far, I decided to keep Footej (Pro), Open Camera and Hypocam (for B/W).

What’s your “weapon of choice” when it comes to taking photos with your FP3?

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We had a wee discussion of them over here :slight_smile:

Personally, I find OpenCamera really good, especially if you get HDR on and are able to hold it steady for a moment.
I’ve tried the Pocophone GCam port and it works well. All produce quite different images from the same scene which is quite weird, I guess the processing is quite different on all the apps.


Thanks for the info. I am not interested in ports of apps that have been built for a different device, though. Just a regular Play Store guy :clown_face:

As you can see in the thread linked by @athair_birb, yes the Pocophone GCam port works really well in low light photos; for the rest of the pictures I’m still using the default FP3 camera app, but I will also try OpenCamera in the future :slightly_smiling_face:

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