Bern, Switzerland - Broken Micro USB & No spare parts


My Micro-USB part broke and I there are no spare parts.

Is there somebody around Bern with experience to repair it?

Thank you very much!

(PS: i was sent here from here)

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Sälü, im in Aarau. Not so far…
Do you have a sparepart MicroUSB connector to solder instead of the old or do you need help to find one?
A swiss supplyer of a probably matching spare part:

and this one has lashes on the side that cold fit to some the Through-Hole connections i see on the Motherboard…

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Hey novski,

Excuse me for being a little bit green in regards to cellphone reparis =D.

Are these MicroUSB compatible with the Fairphone motherboard?

I have no idea what I should do. What do you think is my best move? Buy the parts and go to a repairshop (Mediamarkt/ Or is it easy enough to give it a go and try it on my own?

Thx for the reply!

This USB connector is known to work well with FP1

More info here:

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Devinitive not. I wold not try to solder it yourself if you don’t have good experience.
The problem is that a repair house in switzerland has to give you 6 Months Garantie on a repair. So it will be dificult to find repairhouses that will take a not in there store selled device and repair it for you. All you can do is search for a smal local Radio/TV Store or a Friend that wold try to do that for you. But in each case its a damn hard thing to desolder a Through-Hole shelded Micro-USB connector. And the plastic sensor sitting right behind the SMD pins makes it realy a nightmare.

Our repair shop in Vienna does it in 3 days and they even give 1 year of warranty. I just got my FP1 back from the repair. So you should plan a journey to Vienna, maybe. :slight_smile:

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Can I send it in?

And how much would it cost?

Edit: I just stumbled across this post of yours, Stefan.

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I just called them. They say that shipping would be about 12€ extra. So in total it would be about 56 CHF.


Thank you very much Stefan! Finally I know what to do! =D

Edit: Just do be sure… you are talking about in Vienna, right?


Yes, exactly. They take about 1-2 days for the repair. I had the impression that they know what they are doing and was confident that they’ll fix it. Now my USB connector is fully functional again! :smiley:

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