[Berlin] Bulk order / FP spare parts

Hi there, Fairphoners of Berlin!

I’m planning on buying a new battery (mine has started swelling :frowning:) but paying 11€ for the delivery of a 17€ item is a bit much for me, and it feels wrong to get such a small thing packed in probably way too much cardboard.

Would anyone (2 or 3 people would be nice) be interested in ordering spare parts together, so that we can share the delivery costs and make it less packaging? I can get the package delivered to my office in Mitte.

Let me know!


EDIT: It seems that batteries are limited to 2 in a package. So… anyone with a faulty volume button / camera / etc? :wink:

Just in case: Swollen batteries are dangerous, it is strongly recommended to stop using batteries when you notice that they’re swelling. Also, if you have a Fairphone 1U that is less than 2 years old, this is likely covered under warranty. (If you have an FP2 it will also be a warranty case). See the full information, including warnings about the dangers of swollen batteries and comments on battery warranty, on the Fairphone support pages here.

Edit: also, some parts may not be available for purchase in lager quantities (see here).

Thanks :slight_smile: I have the FP1 so it’s more than 2 years old. I’m not using it for now, I had read the topic about swollen batteries and immediately switched off the phone.
I’m not thinking of ordering 50 pieces of anything though, just 3-4 spare people needing 1 spare part each would be perfect!

Due to security reasons, they can’t send more than two batteries in a package.

I’ve heard that swollen FP1(U) batteries are also replaced when they aren’t in warranty anymore. E.g. if a 2,5 years old battery starts swelling, Fairphone replaces it for free.

@Irina_Spitznagel Thanks for the info, good to know!
@Stefan the support topic (see Johannes’ answer) says no :pensive:

Hi, as I need a new battery for my FP1U, I’m looking for people in Berlin who want also buy FP-stuff and would like to share the shipping costs.

Hallo, brauche neuen Akku für mein FP1 (U) und bin deshalb auf der Suche nach Leuten in Berlin, die sich bei einer Bestellung bei Fairphone die Versandkosten mit mir teilen möchten.
LG, Carla

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