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I apologize for my english, French is my first langage.
So I have a fairphone 3 for a couple months and I tried yesterday to put a SIM card in.
I have a mobile viking one. I can call people, SMS people but I can’t have data.
I tried going into the settings and change the APN. Before, at the right of the page where the list of APN is, there were little circles and the good one was in blue.
Now, there is no circle and when I save a new apn it doesn’t appear in the list.

I found a topic from 2014 about that but it didn’t solve my problem and Mobile Vikings doesn’t know how to help me.

I undestand english but I prefer French if possible, I just want to use Google Maps outside ^^

Je n’ai pas un Fairphone 3 et ne peu pas t’aider avec ton problème originaire. Mais peut-être ça t’aide un petit peu de savoir que tu peux télécharger les cartes en avant. En Google Maps, clique sur l’image toute à droite de la searchbar. Au menu prochaine, il y a une option, c’est “offline maps” en anglais.

Did you try to reset APNs? Which OS version do you run? Did you recently update to android 11? Because it seems to be a known problem, for Vodafone networks at least…

Tu as essayé de réinitialiser les APNs ? Tu as quelle version du système? Tu as mis à jour ton FP3 à Android 11 récemment ? Ça a l’air d’être un problème connu, pour des réseaux Vodafone du moins…

Hi there, I’ll do this in English but Dutch or French is fine for me. I’ve always been very happy about my fairphone but 2weeks ago I changed provider (from Proximus to Mobile Vikings, Belgian providers) and with the new activated MV sim-card I can call or text, but mms and data is not working. I’ve read some other posts and I’ve been WhatsApping with the MV helpdesk for days (they’re doing their best) but nothing seems to work. I’ve tried every possible apn setting, I’ve done a network reset, switched on/off the phone about zillion times… Nothing. The sim-card is working on my friend’s iPhone but it’s just not working on my fairphone… Any ideas?

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Hi Alex.A, I have tried with all kinds of different APN settings without result and the Mobile Vikings helpdesk have also offered me some ‘settings’ but none of them solved the problem.

Yes I have android 11, but I don’t know when it was installed.

I have indeed found some topics with the same issue (also a discussion from 2014) but unfortunately none of the explanations there solved my particular problem. I hope you can do some magic.

Hi, I have exactly the same problem: I just switched to mobile Vikings and now I have no access to mobile data on my Fairphone. I already tried the sim-Card in another phone and there the data connection works perfectly. Hope someone can fix this…

Which network does Mobile Viking use in Belgium ?

I read in an article that they recently switched to using the proximus network (other Belgian provider). I wouldn’t know what this means for APN or other settings but I would expect that more fairphone users have dealt with this issue and that a solution would exist on this forum (or through the Mobile Viking heldesk).
Is it somehow possible that there is no solution at all and that fairphone and MV are just not compatible, regardless of any kind of network setting?

If it worked on Proximus, I don’t understand why it should not work with MV since it simply is an virtual operator. I always thought they use the same settings than the network they used but it seems I was wrong.

Hi, other Belgian resident with a FF3+ and Mobile Vikings here.
Also had this issue, I solved it by manually adding an APN in Settings > Network&Internet > Advanced > Mobile Networks > Advanced > Access Point Names
following the instructions in the “Internet settings” paragraph of the following mobile vikings guide: https://support.mobilevikings.be/hc/en-us/articles/202836041-I-don-t-have-any-mobile-internet-What-do-I-do-
But my SIM is older than 2021. For newer sim cards they seem to suggest to download their app.

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I tried another provider (epdnet) but the probleem remained. I could now for sure say it had nothing to do with settings or with the provider or sim, it’s the device. The fairphone service desk suggested me to do a restart in safe mode but that didn’t help. I did a factory reset, restarted everything with back-up… and now it works (with my new provider which is not mobile vikings)!

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But probably now it would also work with MV

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