🇬🇧 🇫🇷 Belgium Mobile Vikings no data

I apologize for my english, French is my first langage.
So I have a fairphone 3 for a couple months and I tried yesterday to put a SIM card in.
I have a mobile viking one. I can call people, SMS people but I can’t have data.
I tried going into the settings and change the APN. Before, at the right of the page where the list of APN is, there were little circles and the good one was in blue.
Now, there is no circle and when I save a new apn it doesn’t appear in the list.

I found a topic from 2014 about that but it didn’t solve my problem and Mobile Vikings doesn’t know how to help me.

I undestand english but I prefer French if possible, I just want to use Google Maps outside ^^

Je n’ai pas un Fairphone 3 et ne peu pas t’aider avec ton problème originaire. Mais peut-être ça t’aide un petit peu de savoir que tu peux télécharger les cartes en avant. En Google Maps, clique sur l’image toute à droite de la searchbar. Au menu prochaine, il y a une option, c’est “offline maps” en anglais.

Did you try to reset APNs? Which OS version do you run? Did you recently update to android 11? Because it seems to be a known problem, for Vodafone networks at least…

Tu as essayé de réinitialiser les APNs ? Tu as quelle version du système? Tu as mis à jour ton FP3 à Android 11 récemment ? Ça a l’air d’être un problème connu, pour des réseaux Vodafone du moins…