Behaviour on weak Wifi signal and public Wifi networks

In places where the signal is weak, it constantly tries to switch between the Wifi and the phone network, and there is no signal / connection at all at that time.

I also noticed that I do not get a “login page” on public Wifi networks (where you usually have to press “I accept”). There is just a “page not found” error message, and the page might only appear for a very short time. At one time, it worked anyway, but only for one minute.

However, on two Wifi networks I am “regulary” connected to, everything works fine (unless in spots where the signal is weak).

i had a similar problem with weak wlan-connections and its login-sites.
they also sometimes work without a login - for a short time (<60sec).

this seems to me as a problem of the connection that is slightly out of range.

i dont know how this should be ‘solved’ .

Today I’ve had the problem “constantly tries to switch between Wifi and mobile data, and then there is no signal at all” in a situation when the Wifi signal was strong enough. Looks like this is “triggered” by an app, and it can be “fixed” with a reboot.

(It is annoying that is asks for the PIN when rebooting and does not accept a fingerprint, but this is probably a forced “security feature” you cannot turn off).

Thanks for sharing!! I don’t know much about this but got something more informative on this.

I still have this problem, and using “Use network as it is” and opening a local IP adresss like in another browser seems to work to get the login page. It might also work to try the “Gateway” IP adress from the connection information / network details.

When it worked for some time, the “portal page” with local information etc. sometimes closed immediatley.

Hi. I’m not clear about the problem you have nor why checking 192...* is going to help unless you are looking at your own router.

But here’s some info that you may not be aware of.

  1. To avoid switching between wifi and network when I know there is a better network I switch to aeroplane mode and then enable wifi.

  2. Wif works on what is called 2.4Ghz and 5GHz

  • 5Ghz has greater bandwidth and can download faster
  • 2.4Ghz has maybe twice the range.
  1. Bluetooth and 2.4Ghz wifi use the same bands so may interfere, another reason to use aeroplane mode when wanting to use wifi on 2.4GHz

It looks like I am the only one with this problem, and at least there is a somewhat working workaround. By opening 192…, I open a webpage from the local router of the public Wifi network, which should appear automatically, but does not. At least on some “experiments”, this opens the “captive portal” / login page.

I’ve also heard that you should open a http and not https website before trying to connect to such a public Wifi network, if this problem occurs. Did not really work.

I ususally swich off Bluetooth when not in use.

As I found out recently:

  • Bokada, which creates a VPN to block ads, might need to be turned off
  • It can take a while for the login page to appear (10 seconds?)
  • Wait and do not try to reload the blank page by “pulling down” in the system browser that appears
  • “Portal webpages” with local information might need to be opened manually again if the “system browser” closes immediatley

This all used to work better as far as I remember. The quality / stability of the connection depends on the local network of course.


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