Before i upgrade (should i backup?)

before i upgrade to new fairphone os i have some questions.

1.) should i do a backup of all my data?

2.) is there a guide somewhere on how to do a full backup? (with all data like notes, todos, widgets, settings, favorites, shortcuts,…) like a backup i could use to restore my phone from if i get a new one and end up just where i left off. (i’m thinking maybe a computer program with root access to my phone, but maybe thats a naive idea)

3.) with the new update will this little bug i’m having be fixed?
-when i go to settings/display i’m redirected to the homescreen.

4.) i’m using a different launcher than the default fairphone launcher. will it be influenced by the update in any way?

thats all the questions i can think of right now.

Reading all problems people say they encountered, I’d say : yes, do a full backup.
There’s a Backup and Recovery app that comes with the FP, or you might use a third-party backup tool. I don’t have experiences with these myself…

I read that someone having the Nova launcher installed had problems due to this; disabling third party launchers might be a good idea.

There’s an official list of issues and solutions/workarounds here:

From what I’ve seen yesterday and today, things that merrit attention are:
There have been reports of apps disappearing because they were stored on the SD card. Moving them back to internal storage before upgrading should help.

Yet other people report the phone getting stuck during the update, and have it working again by removing the SD card. So maybe it is best to unmount it and remove it anyhow before attempting an upgrade.

Be aware that the launcher is being updated, meaning that you will loose your organisation of pictograms on the homescreens, folders, widgets (And their settings!), … the home screens will be mostly blank, though the apps should not go away. Also, space on the homescreens is reduced slightly because the app icons have been made bigger (they’re also slightly fuzzy but that’s a purely cosmetic problem).

I hope this helps you upgrade smoothly (or stay on 1.6 if you’re not convinced :wink: ).

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  1. YES! (Sorry for shouting.)
    Yes you should do a FULL backup to a SD card. And you should also use a third party app, probably in addition to the “Backup and Recovery” app that came with your FP.

I use TitaniumBackup (with a Pro key, which is not needed.) You can do a full backup there, including system apps. You should, however, not restore system apps (or, as an available option, only their data), as this might cause trouble as I experienced. I would advice to restore apps on a one-by-one basis after the update; but before that, you need to re-install all Google Apps, and then download TitaniumBackup from the app store again.

Just for the record, all Google Apps thightly integrate with the system, so I would advice not to restore them from the backup. I also had hiccups with my calender when I restored it’s data (only the data) from the SD, not sure what I did wrong there. Lost some birthdays and stuff, but Google warned me that it was deleting a lot of entries, and I proceeded.

Answers to 2) & 3) I don’t know, but sadly, it seems that at least all your shortcuts will be deleted every time a FP OS update is rolled out.

  1. Yep, I guess so. There is a new build-in launcher, which will reset all your home screens. I have no experience using different launchers, and I don’t know if it could be restored from the backup. I hope so, for your sake. (If so, could you please report back?)
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thanks for your quick answers!

@humorkritik: I’m not having any google apps, so thats at least one less problem :smile:
as for the launcher, i just found out that the launcher i’m using (homebuzz) can store homescreens online. so thats good too.