BBC Iplayer Radio app not working after latest app update

Hi all.

As the title says, the last update seems to have killed Iplayer Radio on my phone. I’ve uninstalled and then reinstalled the app with no joy. :disappointed:

If you use the app and haven’t updated recently, then don’t!

I’ll post here if and when it starts working again.


I assume you are talking about the app update as for the FP1 there is no recent OS update, right?
Have you tried reinstalling the older version of the app again to see if it’s really related to the update? If so then send the devs of the app a bug report.

Yes, it’s the Iplayer Radio app update. Could have made that clearer - sorry!

I’ll look at reinstalling an older version when I’ve got the chance and let you know how that goes.



It’s not the first time people have reported problems with that app:

What exactly isn’t working for you?

I did see an update to the app this morning - I’m now on according to the settings in the app. I’ve tested:

  • Live radio over wifi
  • On demand over wifi
  • Downloading of programmes (only works in the UK, iirc)
  • Playback of downloaded programmes in the absence of data connections

And all of those seem to work for me.
I did have an issue last week where downloads broke, which required deleting the app data (and cache for good measure) and the logging into my BBCid again.

Cache is included in Data, so after having deleted Data, there shouldn’t be any Cache left. Are you sure you didn’t do it the other way round?

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Good point, I probably did that. I was going for an app reset, so decided to go down that route. I’m not sure whether removing the app and installing it again will also get rid of the data/accounts etc.


The whole app has stopped working. I open it, the screen goes largely black as if the app’s about to open, then it crashes and goes back to my front page of Android.

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