Battery - When is it time to replace?


I have had my Fairphone 2 for two years next month.

For the last few weeks, I have noticed that my battery runs out very fast indeed. On a typical day, I use the phone for half an hour or so in the morning (Spotify and news apps & Twitter) and then it sits on my desk during the working day. I will check it for up to half an hour over that period, so it is really not being used that much.

However, when I leave work at 16:00 the battery is usually down to 30 percent. I hibernate apps and have GPS localisation off.

Is it time for a new battery? I have also had a couple of occasions where the phone would not charge even with several different chargers, but this seemed to resolve itself.

Looking forward to some feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

I just bought a new battery.
The old battery was ca. 2 1/2 years old.
With a lot of work and tricks I managed to have battery for approx. 1 working day - 2h spotify … some messaging in between.
But what was annoying that after charging and not using the phone, the battery stayed at the same level for hours and when start using it, the level dropped crazy fast.
I did the battery reset regularly, which helped a bit but still unreliable.

The new Battery last now for 2 days when I’m not using it much and the displayed level is not tricking me…

Thats my story :slight_smile:

And you can always calculate it … lithium batteries lasts ~1000 charging cycles (I think)
Charging every day -> 1000days = ~2,7 years … so 2 years is ok I guess, because there are a lot of other influences that will shorten the lifespan


You could try a kickstart to see if resetting the software of the battery improves your battery live.


Thanks for your reply. I will try and make it last a bit longer then by doing a battery reset and maybe even a factory reset. Fingers crossed!

Thanks! I will try the kickstart and even a factory reset. That might do it!

If you do a factory reset, make sure you have a backup, because you will loose all your data.
Perhaps a better idea than a factory reset, is to wait a little bit longer.
Beta testers of the update to Android 7 for the Fairphone 2 are saying that with the update the performance of the battery improves. And updating to Android 7 is a sort of factory reset as well.

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My battery now is 2.5 years old, according to battery health it has a capacity of 1970mAh. I’m using battery charger limit (but only half a year now, would be interesting to see battery health after 2.5 years) and plug it in everytime I’m near a charger. Works reasonably well. Battery drain in idle is 0.3-1.1%/h, no idea why it’s varying so much, and SOT up to 3h

It is a good thing to actually change your battery ever 2-3 years, even though phones indicate that the battery health is great, it isn’t actually!

Thanks. Yeah, I have not gotten round to doing a factory reset yet, as I haven’t gotten around to backing stuff up. Any idea when that update Android 7 for F2 is coming out?

Hei, thanks. what does “SOT” mean? I have had coffee but still don’t get it :wink:

OK cheers. Will try and see what I can do first to reach the 2,5 year mark :wink:

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Screen On Time

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