Battery warning at 20%?

Hello all.
I run the latest Lineage OS (LOS 20) on my FP3+.
With all previous phones and previous OS, I was used to be warned at battery level going down to 15% and below. I never thought about changing it, as it matched my regular usage.

LOS 20 now started to warn me at 20%, which I think is really annoying.
Can I change it, without compiling LOS for me?
Thanks for your advice and best regards

Have you checked Settings > Battery > Energy Saving Mode (or similar)?

nothing there, no.
Well, one can set such important things like

  • the color and brightness of the LED for each battery status
  • whether energy saving mode should be activated automaticly
  • and so on
    I searched es well within the developer options. No success.

Can someone tell me, whether this is a feature of stock rom? (either the new warning level, or the ability to configure this as a user). I would like to contact the maintainer of the FP3 LOS.

Admittedly, it was more of a guess because I am using /e/OS which does allow to set a percentage level to trigger energy saving mode and (perhaps not connected to the former) to control “battery LED” behaviour.

P.S.: Just checked on another FP3 running Fairphone OS (Android 11) – the warning doesn’t seem to be controllable in Fairphone OS settings, at least I did not find the options that exist in /e/OS (Android 12).

Using A10 ~ A11 I thought I had an option to set the LED, but now I’ll re-checked my A13~ I don’t

I can only set a saver option between 10% and 75%

However I would consider a warning at 20% ideal as I don’t usually want my battery to go much below 40%

When an Li-battery goes below 50% the disparity capacity wise v voltage indicates increased stress

The optimal working voltage that puts the least strain is the battery nominal voltage of 3.85V which is around 50%. Charging up to 80% or just over 4V doesn’t seem to be an issue.

I recorded Voltage v capacity to see who battery strain seemed to be.


  • my battery is 2 years old
  • I have to use figures provided by the phone whilst in use.

From the following graph you can see the disparity that arises between the voltage and the capacity. The argument being that having battery voltage drop quickly with the remaining state of charge shows substantial stress.

In the graph I see this on the downward trends (use) between the [red bar] ( capacity) and the [blue line] (an function of the voltage)

I’m not saying you should worry about use but maybe could think. “Well 20%” may be fine.

I think you may be looking for:

Settings → Battery → Battery Saver → Set a schedule → Based on percentage → 15%

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Maybe its not about battery saver and only about when LED turns red and system sends a notification to “warn about low battery”? If so I think thats not adjustable.

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Hello amoun,
I trust you, that 20%, or 40% might be a better point to start charging. However as for me, it is not about a perfect technical decision.
Try to imagine an old man, tearing his beard and crying: “Where are my good old times? How can I get back to them?”
Nothing more, nothing less. Call me stubborn :=).
As far as I remember, none of my previous android devices and none of their operating systems (be it Android, CyanogenMod, OmniRom, LineageOS 19, …) had a default battery warning level before it was down to 15%. So, for me the questions are:
Is there a setting in LineageOS 20, that I missed? (I cannot see this. Are FP3 users with LOS 20 reading here?)
Is the LineageOS 20 maintainer for FP3 willing to change it? (Does he/she read here?)
Do I have to compile LineageOS 20 on my one?

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I would rather ask about changes officially on LOS Platforms or you might have luck in the LOS Forum topic

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