Battery very quick low

i am really not satisfied with the battery. I have to charge every night (that’s no problem) and then when i disconnect the status falls down to 90% in 2 minutes… en sometimes after one out the status gets down to 70%.
Does anyone has the same?


Have you closed the aps after using them?

Do not charge it over night. Lithium Batteries are completely different to other rechargeable batteries. They do not like to be 100 % charged. But that happens if you let them on the power line for long hours. It might have taken damage by this way of charging.

Have a look at this:

There also have been other threads about this. Did you bother reading them? :grinning:

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thanks for the tips. I really didn’t know that fullcharching is not the proper way.
At another site someone said that when you use an original charger there will be an automatic stop of charching witch is better for de battery. Since there is no original charger for de fairphone, this is a handicap. It’s not very user-friendly not to can charge while asleep.
Is there someone of de Fairphonehelpers with an opinion on this.
And: where can i get a new battery,

Really, instead of worrying about how to charge the battery, I would worry about how not to use too much power. Here is what you can read in the little manual that comes with the phone:

Battery-saving tips (page 29)
To save the life of your battery, disconnect from any service that you are not using. An overview of these services can be found in the Pull-down menu by tapping (symbol). Bluetooth, wireless and location services (like GPS)need a lot of power so you might want to disable them.
You may also consider the time your screen is on. Select the Screen Timeout option, which can also be found in the Pull-down menu.

I’m pretty sure charging the battery to 100% is no problem. Your phone simply stops charging when it is full.

That is true. It is no problem to charge them to 100% AND it will automatically stop to charge than. That is a feature of all recent phones. What I am trying to explain is that Lithium Batteries do not like to stay at 100% for a long time. So: Charge it to 100% and than disconnect it from the charger. If you charge with a 1 ampere charger you will notice that it does not even take long to charge your phone anyway.

To make it clear: it will not be killing the battery fastly if you keep the charger attached for a long time at 100%. It is only a helpful advice to extend the livetime your battery. This advice is valid for any lithium ion battery btw.