Battery saver behaviour

What’s been you guy’s experience with the battery saver?
I’ve noticed that the phone seems to handle the mode quite poorly. Things become quite choppy. Apps take noticeably longer to load. All things that do seem like a result of lowered clock speeds. But it might just be too much.
Whenever I turn it on, the phone suddenly turns anemic and quite terrible to use.
Yet it kinda feels like the problem isn’t even it being enabled. But actually enabling it. The sudden switch. I’ve had youtube turn down to 3fps as it auto turned on at low battery. I’ve had the phone hang for a couple seconds as I would rotate the phone.
And what specifically prompted me writing this post: I pick up my phone from sleep. It’s at 8%, so battery saver must have turned on quite a bit ago (I have it set to enable at 10%). I unlock it. The app I had opened last rotates sideways, because I was holding the phone wrong. Aaaaand it hangs. Frozen. Can’t exit the app, can’t pull the shade down. Taking a screenshot did make the noise after about a ten second delay.
So out comes the battery for a force reset.

Have any of you used battery saver, and did you notice a heavily degraded performance? Or was it business as usual, but just at 60hz down from 90?

Maybe next time you might try to exit power saver mode by connecting the phone to power to see if this helps in such a status.
A force reset is also possible via long pressing power or power+vol down (>15s).

I’ve used my FP5 almost exclusively in battery saver mode and haven’t experienced anything like that. I don’t really have any choppiness or noticeable slowdown. Screen rotation in general are handled very poorly by the phone though, so I already ended up in scenarios where only half the screen was usable, because the app rotated wrongly. (Usually when watching youtube videos full screen)

Another thing I’ve noticed, is that on very rare occasions, an app just loses its internet connection and won’t get it back until I close and reopen it.

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I didn’t mention it in the original post, but I actually did plug it in. It made the charging noise, but didn’t play the animation, and the screen was still frozen. Didn’t help.

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